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Family Session: Bezio Family

My last photo shoot of 2019! I can't believe it is already 2020. It is crazy to me that we are entering into a new decade. Happy new year to you all! The Bezio family was referred to me via my sister, Heather. Cole, the cute little blonde with the big smile, goes to school with my nephew Rowdy and Inga and my sister have become fast friends. I was so happy to meet them all. Their two daughters, Izzy and Illy, are so beautiful! We also got to do an extended group with both sets of grandparents! It is always so great when the whole big family gets in on the photos. It makes for such lasting memories! The light at one of my favorite spots, Flinn Springs County Park, was golden and beautiful. And courtesy of some rain, we had a lot of green to work with! I loved the colors the family chose and it worked so well with the foliage and the light! It was my pleasure hanging out with the whole Bezio clan.

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