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Family Session: Culbertson Boys 2019

I am pumped every year to see these two handsome boys. They were really channeling James Dean right out of the gate and I knew it would be a perfect day. We met up at Old Poway Train Park for a little adventure. Jett, now a 5 year old, was obsessed with the trains. He is ready to pose and has the most beautiful, big, emeraldy eyes. Those eyes peer into your soul and they love the camera! They are mesmerizing! Little Joey is a big time two year old and just wants to run everywhere! Letting this little man fly around me while I capture him in motion was so much fun!

I hope I continue to catch up with these guys every year and to keep capturing them growing up. Time is vicious and having these moments is so worth it. Little kids don't stay little long enough!

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