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Family Session: King Family

I have known Jolita for many, many years and have been friends with her through all life's big changes. We met when Jolita hired me as her employee at Best Buy. I would like to think I was one of her best employees! I watched her meet her now husband, Steve, get engaged, get married, and have three beautiful babies! I was lucky enough to photograph her engagement and wedding all those years ago and I am so happy she has (finally) come back to me for her family photos! :) It was a pleasure photographing her and her family. Her three kids, Jaylin, Joey, and Jesse are amazing little kiddos.

Because I fell in love with this location, I took the King family back to the Eucalyptus grove and it, again, did not disappoint! It really is the most prefect place. There was a mist in the air and it allowed for some pretty, diffused light.

Thank you for choosing me King Family!

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