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Family Session: Kraus Family 2019

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Obviously I am bias about this family simply because this is my sister's family. My nephews are little lights in my life and chasing them around with a camera is my favorite thing. It definitely doesn't hurt that I know them very well and can coax giggles out of them with ease! This year we did the photos at a very special place. This piece of property has been in my family for two generations and it is where my dad grew up farming fruit before things got industrialized in the area. My two aunts still live there, along with my mom, in three separate houses! It is also where we (my sister and I and our brothers) grew up in a way. We have played, crashed bikes, hunted Easter eggs, seen Santa, eaten turkey dinners, built forts, and even, gotten married there. It is the best and most special place in the whole world. I am so happy my sister decided to do her photos there last minute. It is loaded with great memories. In fact, the pepper tree they are standing in front of has probably had at least six forts built in it over the course of its life. I love the land and the family that live there and am thankful for them every day!

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