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It's good to be back...

Now that having babies is done, I am ready to focus on my craft again! Phew that was work. Haha, just kidding. In all seriousness, the last 4 years has been spent on my family. My husband and I went through infertility and IVF treatments to bring my daughter Wylie, and my son, Crosby into the world. We were 1 in 8 that struggle, unfortunately. Crosby is now 3 months old, we are officially through the "fourth trimester" and I can now get back to doing what I really love; photography.

I have been passionate about being a photographer since I was 16, in high school photo lab. My parents were both amateur photographers and had a love for the craft, so it was only natural that I followed in their footsteps. I spent all my free time in the photo lab all through high school and the photo and art teachers, Kat Draper and Gina Grossini, inspired me to follow in their footsteps and study art in college. So I did. I have a BA in Art Education from San Diego State University. It was the best 5 years. I got to explore all areas of art; painting, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, metal smithing, and of course, photography. In college is when I really decided to start trying my hand at some professional work. I did my first few weddings and my first few portrait sessions, and my love grew. I haven't really looked back. It is the most amazing thing that I am lucky to do.

For the last 4 years, while going through the process of growing babies, I have worked with mostly family, friends, and recommendations. I haven't been gone, just, in the background I guess? But I am happy to be back and ready to do this. My family is perfect and complete and I am ready to spend some time doing what I love again. HMU for bookings, questions, and all of that. Let me capture your moments, special occasions, weddings, events, families, births, etc! I look forward to working with you.

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